Hi all! I am Sajedene. Most people call me Saje or Nikki. I wear many hats in the gaming industry. I am an esports agent at Evolved Talent Agency where I negotiate deals for players, casters, and other on-camera talent. I also have experience in professional player management, tournament productions, marketing and sponsorship liaison. I live-stream on Twitch during my free time and have developed a loving and supportive stream community there.  I also do stuff for Moonduck Casting Studio, dabble in drawing and graphic design, creating gaming content and working on art commissions when the time permits.

I am the mother to three adorable kitties. During my spare time from the gaming world, I still play a lot of video games! I also enjoy reading, drawing, watching TV, movies and anime, swimming, dancing, and re-learning to play the piano and violin. I love to learn new languages. I have an obsession with cats, journals and planners, Harry Potter, Pusheen, and Totoro.

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